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Membership Forms and Brochures

SWKROA Membership Application (.pdf)

SWKROA Membership Information (.pdf)

SWKROA Membership Brochure (.pdf)

Other Forms

Statement of Claim or Non-Lapsed or Dormant Minerals (.pdf)

SWKROA Model Division Order Form (.pdf)

Model Form Division Order (National Association of Division Order Analysts - NADOA) (.pdf)

Pipeline Right-Of-Way Grant Form (.pdf)

Report of Contact Regarding Your Mineral/Royalty Interests (.pdf)

Geophysical / Seismograph Permit (.pdf)

Vacuum Form Letter (.pdf)

Articles and Publications

Coal Bed Methane Gas Lease Negotiations on Behalf of Landowners (.pdf)

Compensation for Wellsite Damage and Pipeline Easement (.pdf)

Guidelines for Landowners in Negotiating Wind Energy Leases (.pdf)

Article excerpt on "API" (.pdf)

Article excerpt on "ATU's" (Alternative Tract Unit Wells) (.pdf)



Kansas Statutes and Regulations of Interest to Royalty Owners

K.S.A. 55-1614 et seq. relating to interest payments on oil and gas production (.pdf)

K.S.A. 55-1620 et seq. relating to payments and reporting to interest owners (.pdf)

K.S.A. 55-151 relating to Kansas Surface Owner Notification Act (KSONA) (.pdf)

K.A.R. 82-3-1400 et seq. relating to chemical disclosure of hydraulic fracturing treatment (.pdf)


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